In 2007, S&S Entertainment, LLC was created by Shaul Saulisbury out of a previous company he owned called Prism Media Group, Inc.

Prism Media Group, Inc was started in 1999 with the idea of it being dedicated to the distribution of Adult DVD content. In 2007 Shaul realized, amid falling DVD sales, that there were still quite a number of content providers in existence but they lacked guidance on how to generate revenues from their productions in the age of the Internet. Since many opportunities are available not only on the World Wide Web, but on Satellite, IPTV, DTH (Direct To Home), Echostar Dish Networks, Entice TV, Mobile and other portal platforms in association with CED (Cable Entertainment Distribution, Inc…the leading broadcast distributor for adult content), Shaul wanted to find a way to capitalize on these growing venues.

The concept was interesting but the real question was how could this be done?

There were very few doors openings for agitators of Adult content, Studios and Producers yes, but people who have the contacts and relationships to get an Adult content producers’ on the Spice/Playboy Channel are very few. S&S Entertainment, LLC had discovered one source or controller of that doorway threshold and that was CED (Cable Entertainment Distributors) who had been at this business since 1985.

CED controls 90% of the programmers, systems, and platforms worldwide that broadcast adult content.

In 2003, as Prism Media Group, Inc, Shaul Saulisbury established a relationship with CED when Prism became the distributor of the first Adult DVD released in 3D. Over the years, S&S Entertainment, LLC has developed a direct supplier agitator relationship with Marc Bruder, President, owner of CED. Simply put, you may be able to get to CED with a production but there are no guarantees it will be accepted. But if the submission is handled by S&S Entertainment, LLC, and the production has merit, it will most likely be licensed to a Cable, Satellite, VOD, Mobile, IPTV system or other platforms globally through CED.

Recently, via the directions and requests from the owners of CED, S&S Entertainment, LLC has added the Horror genre. This prompted the resurrecting of the Prism Media Group, Inc as a functioning distributor of Horror and Mainstream Content.

Currently S&S Entertainment, LLC is only concerned with connecting independent content producers with broadcast distributors. S&S Entertainment, LLC no longer handles any DVD sales or distribution and does not work as a funding agent for projects.

“There are NO upfront fees” S&S Entertainment, LLC is ONLY compensated when you, the Producer, is compensated.

Company Officers

Shaul Saulisbury

Managing Partner

AndreaToon Eileen

Rivkah A. Saulisbury


Eileen M. Avalos

Assistant VP Acquisitions

 CED – Cable Entertainment Distributors

CED is the leading adult program distributor to the broadcast systems, channels, networks and platforms worldwide for the past 25-years. CED represents over 100 producers, studios and brands manufacturing adult programming in the US and internationally with over 300 new title releases each month. CED is a major content provider to Playboy TV-Spice Networks Worldwide as well as the exclusive adult program supplier to the Sky DIRECTV Latin American adult services in Mexico and Brazil. The primary and secondary lodging and hospitality systems, cable operators and DTH services in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia are supplied by CED represented adult programs through contractual program licensing arrangements with various broadcasters and exhibitors around the world. CED is a substantial supplier and assisted in the launch of all the on-line internet VOD channels, with exclusive and/or output deals with the new IPTV platforms. CED’s main focus in to the worldwide mobile arena is 4HOTtv which CED is the exclusive content provider. The CED motto…”CED, WHERE CONTENT IS KING!”

*Cartoons courtesy of the wonderful animation techniques from B.A.T. Studios, Mr. Paul Francis